Monday, August 22, 2005

HANDS b&w + paint + 1

HANDS b&w + paint + 1, originally uploaded by Hugo Provoste.

This is the photo the NYC Exposition is using as its icon.

Photo courtesy of Hugo Provoste

Provoste, who is based in Chile, says the hands in this photo belong to his sister Nicole. Provoste says his sister was helping him on a painting project at the time. He saw the way her hands looked. Before Nicole washed her hands, Provoste became inspired, told Nicole to "come here" and shot some photos.

In fact, Provoste says one of the techniques he uses as a photographer is "observe, observe, observe" even when he doesn't have a camera in hand.

Beautiful image Provoste.

Provoste is one of the artists in the NYC Exposition.


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