Friday, September 30, 2005

Dracula's Library

Dracula's Library, originally uploaded by (angela).

(Angela) says:

I'm an illustrator, which means I draw for a living. I'm 33, but people often think I'm 16. I'm basically a big kid. Most of my work is for children's and teen publishing.

I have a Fuji F10, which I carry with me always. I like to take pictures of things I come across while I'm out walking (which I do a lot since I don't drive). My favorite subjects are ordinary things: my neighborhood, my cats, my psycho chihuahua, street scenes, the view out my window (especially at sunset). I usually do some sort of Photoshop post processing to my photos. I'm an artist, so I use my pictures as a base to make reality more interesting, even when the subject is mundane or downright ugly. Some people might consider that cheating, but I make a living creating visual images -- I use whatever tools I need to make the best possible image.

I like Flickr because I get an immediate response to my pictures. I work from home, which is great, but it can be very isolating. Flickr enables me to interact with people like me, people who like to share snapshots of their lives.

A friend I made on Flickr (who actually lives across the street from me!) sent me an invitation to the NYC Exposition. It sounded like an interesting concept, so I joined. Not to sound corny, but I love New York. I'm originally from Brooklyn. I grew up on Long Island, I went to college in Manhattan, I lived in the West Village, then Park Slope and now in Clinton Hill. I love it here. I can't think of a better place to be.


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