Friday, September 23, 2005


dreamer, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

Tatiana Cardeal says:
Hi there.

A bit about me
I used to work for more than 10 years as a designer and art director for Brazilian magazines and newspapers. But I became frustated with the Brazilian market and the social conditions of my country. Editorials were mostly reflecting a world of a few people, a minority class with money to buy things.
So, I decided to dedicate my work and my images to show how I see my country and the wonderful people living here. I wanted my images to reflect the strong people, the survivors of injustice because of the social conditions here.
My photography is a way to understand how I see life and the changes of time.

I believe we choose to photograph what we choose to talk about; what are our questions.
Images are a language. I photograph images as my own way to talk about social conditions, and to call people to think about them. I also like to talk about inner experiences and my pictures help me look for personal meanings and style.
I use a Spotimatic Pentax, and I used to use an EOS100 Cannon. A few months ago, I started with a 20D Canon, my first digital.

I think Flickr is a very nice tool for my work, and I use it to evaluate whether what I'm doing is working. It's a perfect reflection of a linked world, where people can meet each other, share thoughts, questions, feelings and differences.

NYC Exposition
The Expo should be a nice opportunity, not only to call more people to think about photography, but to call people to the image language. We all can talk about things we believe and need, but photography is a strong way of conveying our message, without language barriers. I hope to inspire people to do that: to create their language and make a difference in society.

Thank you.

Best :)



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