Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dreaming a little dream..This pic is 4 u Bjorn...

Spanishgirl_in_oxford says:

Before I was going to answer your questions, I wanted to check the public forum again to know more about the NYC Exposition and the people. I received an invitation from "hellophotokitty," and I felt so flattered that she thought about me for this great opportunity.
To me, Flickr has been an inspiration. It's ironic how I discovered it through the terrorist attack in London. Death=life.
As I do every day, I remember I checked the Internet that day, and it was full of images from the attack.
I also remember clicking a photo of Daddy Yankee, and the world of Flickr appeared before my eyes.
As a student of Fine Arts in Oxford, I found this website to be a perfect way to show my creativity and admire others.
I have been doing e-media and photography in my course of Fine Arts. I love to see how a camera can show feelings, emotions, situations in that special way. I think I have miles to walk to become a good photographer, but I have one life to achieve it.
I couldn't answer what is my photo style. Every day I see a new shadow, and it's my style. I especially love erotic photography, which who knows may be a way to work out my low-self esteem?
I like to explore different ways to make a picture because I don't have Photoshop at home. Most of my effects are created with normal lights, changing the light effect, party mood, sunset, everything the camera can offer me.
A Nikon 5900 was my first digital camera. Normally, I rent the cameras from the university to take more professional pictures.
But ever since I joined Flickr during the summer, all the pictures I have posted have been taken with my Nikon.
Why I want to take part of the NYC Exposition? Just like everybody else, it is a way to express your art, share a part of yourself through photos, express ideas and feelings, and entertain people. It is also a way to teach people that our world can be seen from different angles.



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