Monday, September 12, 2005


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εήίgmά says:

1. I'm 38, married, with one son, two cats, and a bird. I was born in the U.S., but spent from 3 years old until second grade in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I left the U.S. in 1989 and ended up in Taiwan where, aside from a 6-year or so stint in Seattle, is where I've lived since. I speak Chinese fluently, but can't read or write it...and sadly, I read Spanish well, but can't speak or write it. I think "Culturally & Linguistically Confused" is a good description for me. LOL.

2. My move back to photography was after a successful career in music. I'm the kind of person who simply must have a creative voice, whether it is music or visual...some things just can't be communicated in words (even though I majored in Creative Writing at the university).

My photo style? My own. I don't try to define it, or I can't work. I simply shoot what feels right, how it feels right to shoot it. I'm noticing a trend toward shooting things as I see them, and not necessarily as they are (if that makes sense). The things that I shoot are compelling to me, for one reason or another. I shoot Nikon F80s and D70, and am considering moving to Hassleblad for film.

3. I post to Flickr for feedback. I learn whether my intent in a photograph is communicated to others accurately.

Why Flickr? Because there is no official rating system, so I think that unhealthy competition is minimized. I find that Flickr is a good place to find if what I find compelling is also compelling to others. As a very isolated photographer, the feedback is very important.

4. I have several reasons for being part of the NYC Expo. One is the association with a place that I have not been for 30 years, but one which probably formed many of my fundamental personality: the Carribean, especially Puerto Rico. (The expo will be held at PRDream/Medianoche in Spanish Harlem and there is a special call for Puerto Rico- and Latino-related images.)

I also think the idea of a photographic exposition that does not involve physical prints fascinates me (although I wonder sometimes how on earth you will get all of the colors and tones right, as you can't see the prints...but then realize that it really doesn't matter, the virtual prints will just be different, just as people who view photographs on two different monitors often see two different photographs).

5. I chose the business name Enigma Photography precisely because I *hate* having to answer questions like this, and seriously considered working under the professional name Enigma, but it didn't feel quite right. I tell people that the trick to viewing many of my photographs is to go beyond what they see with their physical eyes and to look at them with their emotional eyes. This may make sense to no one other than me :-)...

I'm not the most logical person around. LOL...


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