Sunday, September 25, 2005

Farewell Mocca..

Farewell Mocca.., originally uploaded by * Honest *.

*Honest* says:

1- I'm a 20-year-old visual art student from the UAE. I have a background in photography, painting, printing, sculpting, drawing and a lot of mix media work.

2- I enjoy photography because it captures a moment in time. Whatever we capture with our camera lasts longer than the moment itself. It is also a good way to express one's inner thoughts. I am lucky to be able to use a Nikon D70.

3- I am sharing my images because I like to see how people react to the pictures I take, and Flickr is a great place for this.

4- I wanted to take part in the NYC Exposition because I want my images to be viewed not only in my country or by a specific audience, I'd rather have an ecclectic audience. This way I can grow as an artist.

Thank you. Much appreciated.
Honest Night


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