Monday, September 26, 2005


Farewell, originally uploaded by Jerry Aaron Hazard.

Jerry Aaron Hazard says:

1. I am a 70's child, I was raised on images: from Captain Kangaroo to Sesame Street, from the Wide World of Sports to National Geograhic, and of course, the advertisements that cement them all together. A true member of the TV generation. Saturday morning cartoons. Boy's life Magazine, Ranger Rick, even Highlights - those kid books in the doctors waiting room with the keen little hideaway puzzles and billboards. All these icons formed what would later be known as "brand recognition," but more importantly, these icons gave me a desire to participate in the cacophany of visual stimuli that affected me so.

2. I like to bring my imagination to reality; a still state, where I can study it for longer than just the brief glimpses of my memory. I am not sure what my "style" is. I would guess perhaps "Grit" or "Gritty." While I appreciate images of pretty flowers, landscapes and all, it's the gritty sides to any situation that attract me.

I shoot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel now. But the greater part of my body of work was created with either film or a Fuji 6900z "prosumer" digital camera. The majority of my work is digital, although I sometimes will take a physical print and manipulate that - but I prefer digital for the convenience and speed.

3. I share my work on Flickr to attract like-mindedness, to get my work out in just one more place. There are tons of creative, friendly people there and more often than not they spur my imagination.

4. Why I am taking part in the NYC Exposition? Just to get my work out there, and participate in a keen group where technology will show that there are new ways to exhibit art, and that many meaningful artists have yet to "discovered." Plus, I'm a narcissist, so anything that will get somebody to look at my work is a go!

5. All my work is available in prints; signed archival inkjets or Fuji Frontier reprints...E-mail for details :).

Thank you!


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