Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ian, originally uploaded by romanedirisinghe.

Romanedirisinghe says:

1. I was born in Moscow, Russia, raised in the jungles and beaches of Sri Lanka, the rolling hills of the Black Forest and Bavaria in Germany, and somehow settled, whether by choice or circumstance, in the urban eternity of the USA. I am web designer by day and a musician at night.

2. I enjoy photography because it is a way to paint with light. Since I have little time in my life for painting with acrylics or oils, the camera will have to do. My cameras, a 35mm Nikon FM-10, and a digital Kodak DX4530 point & shoot, serve my meager needs.

3. Flickr gave me an excuse to finally share my photos with the world, and the process was improved by the incredibly innovative tagging system.

4. I immediately took interest in the NYC Exposition because it offered a way to merge the virtual and the physical, the impalpable and the palpable. In other words... c'mon! An opportunity to display in NYC? What knucklehead is going to pass that up?

5. More about me on my blog:


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