Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ivy League

Ivy League, originally uploaded by Newell the Jewell.

Newell the Jewell says:

1. I am a resident of Clinton Hill in Brooklyn and work at The Rockefeller University in Manhattan. I believe my work and home environments influence my photography, as they are both very green due to many old-growth trees and abundant gardens. Very diverse peoples and equally diverse architectural styles populate my environments, and these too are often the subjects of my photography.

2. Photography is a form of self-expression and therapeutic. I prefer architecture and landscapes. With the advent of the Internet, in addition to taking photos, I research my subject on-line, and share both the photo and background information on Flickr. My goal is not to simply display a photo, but to teach the viewer something about the subject.
I currently use a small 2.1mp Kodak though I’m looking to invest in an 8mp DSLR.

3. Flickr is user friendly, and I enjoy viewing new photos and conversing with other Flickr members about their work, meeting new people and exploring the digital medium.

4. A fellow Flickr member sent me an invitation to the NYC Exposition. New York City offers the photographer so much in the way of subject matter. It's not uncommon for me to spend an entire day walking around the city taking photos.



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