Sunday, September 04, 2005

La espera...

La espera..., originally uploaded by Eros Leafar.

Loiza, P.R.

Eros Leafar's real name is Victor R. Iglesias. He is from San Juan, P.R.

Iglesias says one of the reasons he wanted to organize an exposition for Flickr photographers is because he wanted to start gatherings so members can meet in person and exhibit their photography.

"But I never imagined we would display our work before so many people," he says, referring to the upcoming multimedia NYC Exposition exhibit. "I was only expecting a small meeting with our photos showcased on walls."

Iglesias says photography "gives me the opportunity to show the world my point of view and that's why I enjoy it so much."

"I share because I want to get an opinion," he says. "I want to give something to the world. I just want to Thank God for this opportunity. :) CiaoVic."

In Spanish:

"El hecho de que no hay exposicion para los fotografos aficionados de Flickr, yo quería empezar a reunirnos y mostrar nuestros trabajos. Pero jamas pense que lo mostrariamos a tanta gente, en un principio simplemente esperaba que fuera una pequeña reunion con nuestras fotos en las paredes. Para mi la fotografía me da la oportunidad de mostrar al mundo mi punto de vista, por eso la disfruto tanto".


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