Thursday, September 29, 2005

NY Sidewalk

NY Sidewalk, originally uploaded by artouttamymind.

Artouttamymind says:

1. I've always been an artist, as long as I can remember. I was in my first exhibit when I was four. I got my first camera, a Kodak Instamtic, when I was nine, and haven't stopped taking pictures since.

I live and work in Little Rock, Arkansas, but love to travel to shoot new things, have new experiences, and explore new places.

2. Why do I enjoy photography? I enjoy photography because I can capture slices of life, moments in time, that I can't capture any other way. Also, I'm able to express myself better with a photograph than with any other medium.

What is my style? I strive to simplify my subject to its essence. I'm told I have a "different" way of seeing, guided not by details or focus, but by intuition and emotion.

What is my technique? My techniques are determined by each image and how it speaks to me. Some are painted and manipulated digitally. I call those "digital photopaintings." Others start as 35mm slides or prints and are manipulated with Polaroid film, becoming Polaroid Image Transfers or Polaroid Emulsion Lifts. Yet others are taken with a vintage Polaroid SX70 camera and manipulated quickly, while the emulsion is still soft and malleable. All of my images end up on my computer for color correction, enlarging, and printing. Sometimes I take the image even farther from reality by adding collage elements, paint, and ink, pencil or pastels on the inkjet prints, creating a piece of art that is totally different from what started in the camera.

What camera do I use?

Digital: Canon Powershot A95

35mm: Nikon N60, Nikon N2000, Pentax k1000

Polaroid: SX70, pinhole, Holgaroid, 600, izone, and various vintage models

3. I wanted to join flickr because there are not many fine art photographers in my area, so I felt isolated and was looking for a place to share my work and get feedback in order to improve.

What about it do I like? I love the support and camaraderie and really appreciate the friendships I've developed with some wonderful people all over the world.

4. Why do I want to take part in the NYC Exposition? I wanted to participate in the Exposition because I feel that my work isn't finished until people see it. If more people see it and are touched by it, then it becomes complete. This exhibit will give my work a chance to be seen by my many people who would never see it otherwise.

5. I appreciate being invited to participate in this exhibit and hope my contributions will help make it a big success.


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