Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Orq1, originally uploaded by GinoPR.

GinoPR says:

Higinio "Gino" Ferreira
Professional Photographer
464 Dresde St.
Puerto Nuevo, PR 00920

1. I was introduced to photography at the early age of 17 and inspired by two of my older brothers. They were professional photographers; one in the US Navy and the other in the University of Puerto Rico. From them, I acquired a great deal of technical and artistic perspectives. I completed photography studies at the University of Puerto Rico, and I keep updated through photo workshops on a monthly basis with photographers from all over Puerto Rico.

2. I love photography, because I have the opportunity to create art and influence people's opinion and emotions, like James Nachtwey or Steve McCurry. I can make this world look better through my lens. My style and experience includes: Fine Art Photography, Photo impressionist, Portrait, Macros, Silhouettes, Glamour, Sport, Scenery, Landscape, Modeling and Fashion, B&W, B&W Laboratory and more.

The camera and equipment I use are Nikon cameras: N90s, D100 and D70s. My favorite for professional work is 35mm color film.

Preferred films: Portra NC/VC and Slide.

Some of my favorite lens: Sigma 24-135mm, Tamron 15-35mm, Tamron 70-300mm Macro 1:2, Tele-converter 1.4x when needed and others.

Favorite filters: Circular Polarizer, Yellow and Red.

3. I love Flickr because it gives me opportunity as a photographer to show my photographic art work to the world, and see other photos from all over the world.

4. At the NYC Exposition, I will like to represent Puerto Rico, showing its beauty through my work.


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