Friday, September 16, 2005

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EWilund says:

About me: I am an artist and emerging photographer. I am trying to move into photography full time, but must keep my day job as a designer for now.

Why photography?: It is the one activity that makes me truly happy, the one that makes so much sense to me. It is my journal, my therapy, it is a part of me. I shoot with a Fuji digital and an OLD Monolta SLR, and am in love with the wonders of black & white images.

Why flickr?: It is a wonderful place to experiment and exercise my craft, to get feedback from other photographers, and to be inspired by the other amazing photographers who choose to display their work there.

Why the NYC Exposition?: To be a part of a community of photographers, and to have my work seen by people who might not otherwise see it.

More: What is it about art anyway that we give it so much importance? Artists are so respected by the poor because what they do is an honest way out of the slum, using one's shear self as the medium. The money earned, proof - pure & simple - of the value of that individual, the artist. The picture a mother's son does in jail hangs on her wall as proof that beauty is possible even in the most retched. And, this is a much different idea than the fancier notion that art is a scam & a rip-off. But you could never explain to someone who uses God's gift to enslave, that you have used God's gift to be free...

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