Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pinkish Lily with frog

Pinkish Lily with frog, originally uploaded by NYCArthur.

Note from NYCArthur:

I grew up on Long Island but left for college at 18 and only visited since then, living in upstate NY, then Michigan, then settling in Rochester, NY - swearing I'd never settle in the NYC area - too crowded, too much traffic. Now, I'm back and Love NYC: it's so vibrant and exciting and friendly. I've been taking photographs since I was about 8 with a Kodak Brownie camera - the first photos I remember taking were at the Bronx zoo -polar bears and snakes at the reptile house.
Now, I'm a biomedical research administrator, which funds my photographic hobby. I do take stills for two movie maker (independent films) friends, and design the occasional website: and and - a web for a theater-based school sex and gender identification education school-based program.

2. Why do I love photography? Hmmm. It's the people for me - I love photographing people. OK and places, too. NYC is full of people especially Manhattan - tourists, for example - from all over the world. I enjoy the creative process - the afterwork - photoshop - it's like the darkroom on the computer. I enjoy adjusting tone, color.... Style? mostly quick snaps of people on the street, some collaborative sessions, and work with movie makers make the process a thrill. My camera is a Canon G6 now - 35-140mm equivalent, with a flash shoe - and an external flash for indoor photography.

3. I love looking at other people's work - that's what I like most about Flickr. I like sharing my work to see what other people think. I also like the "friends" on Flickr - friendly people talking about photos - and meeting local Flickr people at an event like the JAWS outdoor film at Bryant Park.

4. I wanted to take part in the NYC Exposition because I'd like to show my photos - which I've never done before, not in a show setting. I'm a bit intimidated by the idea.

5. I've taken classes at ICP, here in NYC, and enjoy the learning process.



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