Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple, originally uploaded by Master Shake.

Master Shake says:

I'm 26, female & liberal. I've been shooting seriously for 10 years. Just starting to get used to digital photography.

I enjoy photography because I'm an artist and the camera captures what my eyes notice in everyday life.
I have a Canon S70.
I shoot with a Canon A2E and a lomo camera called the LC-A.
120 format
I use a Diana and a Holga.

I like to cross process my film and double expose it. I do not sharpen any colors or use photoshop in any of my work.

I have a photoblog on Flickr because I was invited by friends to check it out and I fell in love. I'm administrator of the popular Dead Creatures pool and also a few others.

I love having my work out there for people to see and respond to.

Can't wait to see everybody's work @ the NYC Exposition!!!!


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