Thursday, September 08, 2005

Queens, NYC

Queens, NYC, originally uploaded by Barrybar.

A note from Barrybar for the NYC Exposition:

I love the movies because I can see life on the screen, and I suppose I enjoy photography because I can capture life. I absolutely love faces, being a people watcher all my life, which is why I am in love with big cities. Whenever I plan a vacation, I always head for the capitals.

I use an Olympus C700 ultra zoom, which I bought about 4 or 5 years ago. In November 2001, it fell from shoulder height to a concrete floor, but continues to function quite well. I think I owe Olympus allegiance.

I love the idea of sharing, period. As a teenager, I learned from my friend, Bobo, who split everything with me 50/50. Before that, the elder brothers always deserved the bigger share. I share information to the extent that I become a pest. For example, I have a need to spread the word of Bush's absolute incompetence.

Before I joined Flickr, on 20 December 2004, I had about 16,000 pictures on my HD, and, fortunately, some on CDs. I have since lost all 17,000, including all my Queens graffiti. So, what's the point just keeping them all to myself. I've had people tell me that my photos turned them onto graffiti; that my graffiti, sometimes stitched together from 10 or more shots, inspired them to do panoramas. Can you imagine how proud that makes me feel?

I joined the NYC Expo because I was invited. It is another opportunity to show my work. I just returned from Ecuador on Saturday, after about 3 weeks, and had an Ecuadorian on Flickr thank me for showing her country in the way I did. I would hope that some New Yorkers, my favourite city on the planet, would feel connected to some of the shots I took.

I am a Jamaican first and a US citizen next. I am 67, retired from AT&T, have lived in Lima mostly since 1997, have five children, 13 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

I was a journalist in Jamaica, have a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and worked in Public Relations at AT&T.

I have published three articles in my favourite online journal,

I will never, ever vote again because both the Republicans and Democrats are beneath contempt.

It has been a pleasure.

The very best.




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