Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Riding the 7 train

Riding the 7 train, originally uploaded by *syzygynick.

Capturing the mood of a late in the day ride home on the elevated 7 line.

A note from *Your Guide (formerly known on Flickr as *syzygynick):
I am a lifelong New Yorker who works professionally to enable affordable housing opportunities in many working class neighborhoods like the one I grew up in Brooklyn.
I love this city that I have photographed since I was a youth, and I am a street photographer at heart. I have used rangefinders and SLRs, but now I use the 8mp Konica Minolta A2 digicam. In addition to promoting amateur photography through Flushing Camera Club and my Housing agency photo club, I enjoy sharing my photo work with an international audience online via Flickr to help me keep pace with what the world is doing with images. Finally, the NYC Exposition affords me with a new opportunity to particpate at the grassroots level with other Flickr photographers based in New York and the wider Hispanic community in a unique way, through digital slides.
- Gary H. Spielvogel (*Your Guide)


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