Monday, September 26, 2005


stance, originally uploaded by phil h.

Phil H says:

Born in Switzerland some 30 years ago to Swiss and German parents, I grew up in both Germany and Switzerland. My attraction to the arts from an early age led me to making music my profession. In conjunction with my musical studies, I have lived in the United States and in Sweden before choosing Paris as my base a few years ago, where I am currently active as a composer, saxophonist, and faculty member at the American School of Modern Music.

While I have always been fascinated with photography, it is only very recently - upon discovering the practicality of digital photography - that I have taken the time to regularly devote more time to this art form, trying to absorb and learn while using the pages of the Flickr community as a point of departure for exploration.

The practice of photography has opened my eyes to the visual experience of everyday life. It is with great joy that I try to see and occasionally capture the extraordinary that is hidden within the ordinary. My foremost concern when photographing is therefore trying to isolate and thus emphasize elements found in our immediate surroundings that I deem worthy of greater appreciation - elements that include the wonderful shapes, textures, colors, and sought-out angles to see things, that may otherwise easily be overlooked in our daily routines.

The cameras that I am currently using for my explorations in photography are an Olympus C-3040Z and the decidedly low-quality camera of my Sony Ericsson P910.

Being part of the online photography community that is Flickr has been a priceless experience of being exposed to and inspired by images from photographers around the world on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is the direct interaction with said photographers in form of discussions and immediate reactions to images that make being part of the Flickr community an inspiring and highly enjoyable experience.

Receiving an invitation to take part in the NYC Exposition project was a great honor for me. I am delighted to have some of my photographic work displayed among this wonderfully diverse and international selection of photographers.

With great appreciation for this project and the people behind it,

Phil Hilfiker


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