Sunday, September 18, 2005

stop the moment

stop the moment, originally uploaded by ander80.

Ander80 says:
1. Me: I saw a graffiti yesterday that said: "Create!" It made my morning. I smiled all the way to work. That's me.

2.I use a Canon 350 SLR. I like colors, shapes, peoples expression and above all, the simplicity of life. Technique: let the light come in and create its own colors. There is not a single unique technique. Sometimes I like tidy organized photos such as squares fitted in a centered photo. Sometimes I like a messy expressive moment.

3.I just love to share my views and get feedback. I learned that there is so much to like.

4.I love NY. I like to be part of a group. I'm a "social group retard." That's why I'm part of the NYC Exposition.


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