Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tierra del Fuego - Chile

Tierra del Fuego - Chile, originally uploaded by #freelance.

#freelance says:
OK, my name is Felipe Camus. I chose freelance as my nickname because it's a poetic way of life. I'm in my last year at the university, and I'm only a few steps from my architect degree. As my profile says, I'm almost an architect.

I enjoy life; I enjoy beauty; I'm a hunter of simplicity. My pursuit is all about discovering authentic beauty again. Something that is nothing but obvious and lost in the contemporary and global society.

Architecture is my life, but I breathe photography.

I'm open to any kind of exploration in the visual art of digital photography.
I started on Flickr because of the possibility of sharing my experience and of seeing things in this world with a deeper perspective.

I became part of NYC Expo because I think that my way of seeing things here on Chile, on the other side of the world, can show more than local life. It simply serves as a true search of beauty.


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