Saturday, October 01, 2005

All She Needs Is Love

All She Needs Is Love, originally uploaded by dlemieux.

Dlemieux says:
1- I am 29 years old, live in Brooklyn, NY, with my boyfriend and our 4 cats. I volunteer for a cat rescue, do yoga, but mostly just study photography!!
2- I have loved photography ever since I was very young. My father was an amateur photographer and used to win awards in Boston for his work. I adore taking portraits, street shots, photographing the city (especially Brooklyn), but I also love landscape photography. I enjoy taking black and white photos and recently, began really studying faces. I love capturing moments in peoples' lives.
I am currently trying to teach myself photoshop cs2. Quite a challenge! I use a Canon Powershot A85 with a teleconverter lens (I hope to upgrade sometime soon).
3- I love Flickr because I feel like I'm exposing myself in a very unique way. I love logging in and seeing new comments, photos that have been favorited, or someone giving me a critique. I have found several different photographers on Flickr that are just outstanding and I feel honored if they too like my photos. It's quite addicting!
4- I would like to take part in the NYC Expo because I live here, it's another avenue for exposure, and I think some of my recent portrait work is good enough! It's taken me a long time to be able to say that! The expo sounds like a lot of fun.
My dream in life is to work as a professional photographer. I would love to do street photography, documentary work, photojournalism...any of these. I think photography is my way of sending important messages out about the state that our world is in. Photographs are so powerful. They say so much more than words to me a lot of the time. I love that.


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