Sunday, October 30, 2005

The bench history - 2

The bench history - 2, originally uploaded by *Ivan*.

*Ivan says*:
I'm a writer/artist, I wrote a novel/romance that probably will be published in the next months. I live in South Italy, Reggio Calabria; I work at University, Philosophy department, Messina (Sicily); I'm 32; I'm existentialist, so I like Jean Paul Sartre, Camus, and so on; I love dadaism, cubism and surrealism, my favorite artist is Pablo Picasso; I try to "invent" the world instead of describing it as it is, both in photography and in writing (the photos I will add to the pool are intended to be "a different world.")

Ivan Roquentin is a nickname: Ivan is my real name, and Roquentin comes from Antoine Roquentin, the character of Jean Paul Sartre.


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