Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Graphitti World

Graphitti World, originally uploaded by zinetv.

Zinetv says:

Lionel Martinez began his media career as a New York underground filmmaker. Several of his early works are still listed in the Film Cooperative catalog.

He has worked on various aspects of documentary commercial and industrial film productions. Currently, he works in independent television production.

He is the author of seven books, three of them are popular histories. His photographs have appeared in “The Time-Life Book of Century – the 1960’s”, “The History of the Irish in America” and “Fire Engines in America” to name a few.

In the 80’s, Purple Barge For Photography featured two one man shows of his works.

Recently, he had a one man show on his new digital imaging works at the Andrews Building Management gallery and was a participant in the spring Washington Heights Art Walk.

Lionel Martinez’s pictures are created via a digital process that incorporates photographic elements and computer generated graphic enhancements.

It has been generally accepted that painting in all its manifestations is an additive art form; the artist begins with nothing and must add paint or other materials, to bring about the artist’s vision.

Photography is a subtractive art form. The photographer begins in most cases with something, sometimes everything, before the camera. It is in the winnowing of the visual essences that the photograph emerges from the chaos presented before the camera.

The works in this exhibit represent a digital fusion of the two processes described in these observations.

Each image begins as a digital photo, which in this case is used as a sketch or rough draft.

Those image elements are metamorphosed using computer software to bring out the feeling and emotion inherent in the developing image.

The results of the enhanced digital images are seen on Flickr.

I want to take part in the NYC Exposition because urban streams of the city flow through my blood.


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