Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In a Prayer...

In a Prayer..., originally uploaded by !efatima.

!efatima says:

1. My name is Fatima and I am made in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm an engineer and work as a manager for a reputed government organization. I can be classified as a workaholic big time and enjoy my work to bits. I'm married to a sexy, handsome, smart engineer and we live in California, USA. I currently also live here with my folks. My greatest treasure personally is my family and they keep me routed and give me a purpose. I have been very fortunate when it comes to friends both in my social life and on Flickr. They are my strength. I feel very lucky to be worthy of their friendship and love. I adore them equally and am mostly inspired by their kind hearts, creativity and their pure soul.

What makes me? - The reality of life....and my belief in my Creator. Its HIS oneness that has always helped me stay strong and battle any and every hardship that I have faced. I'm known for my practicality and for being down to earth. Currently, I am facing some tough challenges in life...but again, I dont take anything for granted. I look for the best in everything as there are soooo many blessings around us to count and be grateful for.

I respect people - in everyway possible. I'm fascinated by:
- Colors
- Creativity
- Art
- Adventure
- Technology
- Spirituality
- Egg heads

I love:
- Photography
- Reading
- Writing
- Learning
- Meeting new people
- Drawing (but totally suck at it)
- Fast cars, Fighter jets, sky diving ...
- way too many things to list. :)

2. Photography to me was an accident. Initially when I started experimenting to see if the camera worked - I knew the instant bonding. It was like love at first sight. Till today, I feel I suck at it...and have a long way to go. Maybe because I don't make any effort - and all what you see is just point and shoot. Thanks to all my Flickr friends, I want to take this hobby to great levels one day.

My photo style would be more of: I don't know...I think it's macros for now because I'm mostly stranded indoors. I love doing macros. I so easily see the beauty in most mundane subjects. The only camera I have is
Canon Rebel 300D and I love it.

4. I love the concept of the NYC Exposition and moreover, the efforts the administrators are making to promote art through photography. I am there to contribute and help in any way I can. The admins are doing a great job and I wish them all the very best.

If it wasn't for Flickr, I would have never pursued photography nor would have made as many friends as I have today. I love the creators of Flickr and the team that makes it better and better.

Warm wishes,


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