Monday, October 03, 2005


ssshhht!!!, originally uploaded by lunaryuna.

Lunaryuna says:
Female, 47 years old,
historian, translator/interpreter, network administrator and web designer
Working for a Latin American embassy in Berlin,Germany
Widowed, 3 kids (11 – 14 – 16)
Fully trilingual (English, German, Spanish), good command of several other languages
Love all things creative: poetry, painting, ceramics, photography, theater
Special interests: science fiction, history, philosophy, human psyche.

2. I love photography for the special challenge it presents to make a “merciless machine” (camera) show things in the way my eyes and mind see them. I love digital photography for the new possibilities it offers to almost everyone who cares to learn. I especially enjoy imprinting the visions of my mind, my concerns and my rejoicing onto my images by post-production processes. But sometimes it is just wonderful to capture something real I love or reject especially and want to share with other people.

I am not sure how to denominate my style. I guess I love deeply perspective, richly layered shots, and the chasing of light in this has truly become my obsession. Due to my location and preferences, the vast majority of my photographs shows urban spots. One of my Flickr groups reflects my main angle and focus with its name “Praise and curse of the city.” To show both in equally convincing manner is one of my main targets.

The camera I use mainly is my old, faithful SONY CYBERSHOT PRO DSC-D770.

3. I think all art has two purposes. The first is to exteriorize something that’s cooking up inside the artist’s mind and soul. That’s often the first and strongest impulse to create art. But art would not fulfill any social, cultural role and purpose, if it wasn’t shared with others. It is the comments, the suggestions, questions, the overall feedback, which makes me wish to work more and more. Flickr has provided a strongest stimulus to me in my daily life, given that photography has always been only a hobby. Since I joined Flickr there hasn’t been a single day when I did not feel the urge to go out and get some new shots, or to create some graphic art for my blog the next day, always full of expectation of the anticipated feedback by other users.

4. I was invited to be a part of the NYC Exposition and loved the idea instantly for several good reasons. I live and work in Berlin and very often have I felt compelled to compare New York’s reality and that of its citizens to that of Berlin and Berliners. There are lots of parallels and there are very interesting differences, which we have been discussing in my "Praise and Curse of the City" group for instance.

I love the idea of going out and reaching new people with my vision and photographs or graphics, as probably all artists do. Taking part in this exhibition, which focuses on new media, as I like, seems a stupendous occasion to be part of a group that tries to showcase the new (and old) ways of photography in our times.

5. I’d love to say thanks to all those of you who’ve been organizing this NYC Expo event and offering my help and support in whatever is at my reach.




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