Tuesday, October 04, 2005


TUBE_LINK, originally uploaded by richardpe.

1. I live in East London and used to be a video editor (for many years) and print designer. Sometimes I still do this to make a little money. But I recently qualified as a hypnotherapist so took a year out to study.
What I want to do is focus on doing photography as well as becoming a publisher maybe in about 1-2 years.

2. My style is to look for beauty all around me. I'd like more time to search from images, but I am still kind of too busy. I shoot a lot of the same image looking for what my eyes and emotions see. I have a simple little digital camera (Canon S50) but would like a better one (although it's cool).

3. Hmmmm. I haven't spent enough time looking at the depth of Flickr. I like being part of a community somehow.

4. I like the other photos in the NYC Expo, but I also liked the idea that the photos will be on display in a community center on a computer. It's amazing that people in New York will be seeing my photo.


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