Thursday, October 06, 2005

Turning Dark

Turning Dark, originally uploaded by clarisel.

About me

1. My name is Clarisel Gonzalez. I was born to Puerto Rican parents in NYC's East Harlem and raised in the Bronx.
A graduate of Fordham University, I am a veteran journalist. I have experience as a reporter and an editor. I served at newspapers in New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico. I currently run Puerto Rico Sun, a cultural news/photoblog project. I am also an independent producer and am planning to do a cultural news/arts show to be aired on Bronxnet, a community television and public access station in the Bronx. I relocated to New York City last summer from Puerto Rico, where I also served as an English teacher.

2. I love photography. I have always loved it! I used to model. But I prefer shooting photos. I took a photography class at Fordham, and I have worked with photojournalists as a reporter and an editor.

When I began my Puerto Rico Sun project back in 2002 (as an e-magazine website), I decided to dedicate more time to my photography too. I converted the Puerto Rico Sun into a blog in 2004 because it was simply easier for me to maintain and update on my own.
I began using Flickr as a way of blogging my own photos to Puerto Rico Sun at, but I quickly found this wonderful interactive, talented community of online photographers on Flickr. On July 22, 2004, I started up the Puerto Rico Sun photo group at Flickr, which today has more than 60 members from Puerto Rico, the U.S. and beyond.
I am active in different photo groups at Flickr. Two popular groups I administer are: "Green is Beautiful" (dedicated to the color green) with more than 2,100 members and "Sunrise, Sunset -- Anything Sun!" with more than 2,700 members.
Last April, I started up The Bronx group, which today has nearly 60 members. Our goal is to showcase the diversity of The Bronx through photography.
I co-administer the !Boricuas! and "Cinematic Moments" groups.
I don't really have a photo technique. I take photos as an extension of what my eyes and mind sees. I enjoy landscapes, urban, street photography, black and white, nature, photojournalism, architecture...I enjoy photos that tell stories. I am also an animal lover and take photos of cats and dogs.

My photos are featured in several websites, including

3. I share on Flickr because I enjoy the interaction with people from all over the world who share a love for photography. I love taking visual trips. Today, I went on a journey to Puerto Rico, Greece, Ireland! The best part is that I can communicate directly with the photographers and sometimes we talk in real time. It's great!

4. I wanted to help organize BLOGS (AKA "NYC Exposition") because I liked the idea of showcasing my work with a community of online photographers (and the best part is that they are from all over the world). I like that we are having our own exhibition in NYC, my hometown. I love that it is a multimedia exhibit and that the gallery is at MediaNoche, which is part of PR Project, an organization aimed at empowering community through technology. It has been a pleasure serving as a co-administrator of the NYC Exposition with Flickr members Richard A. Caraballo "Minusbaby" and Victor R. Iglesias "Eros Leafar."

5. Thank you for your support. Enjoy BLOGS: an exhibition of photoblogs (showcasing three of my favorite groups: NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun and East Harlem). I am proud to be curator of this event. A special thanks to Judith Escalona of MediaNoche for giving us the opportunity.




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