Friday, October 07, 2005


Valeria, originally uploaded by Iv0/0vi.

IvO/Ovi says:

1. I'm a photographer who is constantly searching for her visual
path. I started taking photography seriously when I was in high
school. After high school, I went to the Rhode Island School of
Design, where I studied film/video. I didn't want to do photography
commercially because it was too personal and I didn't want to
corrupt that, so I worked as an assistant editor for some films
and then as a video editor and composer. After working many years
as an editor, I decided to go back to photography and now I do it
full time.

As far as technique is concerned, I don't have one particular
style. I like to experiment a lot and use different type of cameras
and films. There's a lot of play in the way I photograph. In the
past two years, I have gotten more into digital photography and am
now learning how to better my craft by going to workshops and working with other photographers.

3. I started using Flickr after a friend told me about the site. After I saw how connected everything is there, how tags worked, how people left comments and what an amazingly interactive experience it was, I was hooked. Aside from the obvious reasons for sharing one's photographs, this site really makes it such a fun process and the people that I have met in the Flickr world have been amazing!

4. First of all, thanks for the invitation to participate in the NYC Exposition. I'm not sure who
invited me, but I'm very happy to be a part of this. I wanted to be
a part of it because I think it's important to share one's work. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so, and I'm glad I had photographs that complemented the theme.



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