Friday, November 25, 2005

Stoop City

Stoop City, originally uploaded by *Your Guide.

Photo: East 104th Street near Lexington Avenue

*Your Guide reflects on a recent visit to MediaNoche at 106th Street:

You can't do much better on a Thursday evening than to share time, photographs, and a discussion about online art communities with friends at the MediaNoche's studio gallery.

On behalf of my guests - mostly NYC area photo/camera club members - we're grateful to Judy and Richard (minusbaby) who enabled me to host the interactive show-and-tell session about Flickr and photoblogging with 10 curious seekers on 17-Nov-2005.

And for all that the participants got from this experience - including the thrill of watching the live-feed of NYC Exposition blogged "printless" photographs projected on to the gallery's wall - none was more revealing than realizing just how precious, valuable, and empowering it is to have, as a resource, a neighborhood-based arts/technology community institute that is the PRDream/MediaNoche in New York City.

- Gary H. Spielvogel (*Your Guide)


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