Saturday, September 10, 2005

Queens couple

Queens couple, originally uploaded by Reza Mazaheri.

A note from Reza Mazaheri:

1. A resident of Queens. Ex graphic designer. Currently in law school.
2. I photograph because it slows me down and keeps me sane. I'm not sure if I have a style. I don't know if you can call it that. I use a Leica camera for film - a Canon DSLR and Nikon point-and-shoot for the digital stuff.
3. I share on Flickr because I've met some cool folks and very talented photograhers here. Photographers from Rio to Riyadth.
4. Flickr is a great site for NYC photography and therefore appropriate for the expo.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Love has no frontiers / El amor no tiene fronteras

A note from evoltekno:

1. I'm from San Roque, Cadiz (Spain). I'm 32 years old, and I love the beach, nature and electronic music.

2. My photo style, as you can see on my Flickr account, is very varied, but I love sunsets, potraits and (amazing) places.

3. I think artists are exhibitionists, and we need others to contemplate our work.

4. I like the idea of the NYC Exposition because it is showcasing some of my photos in a beautiful city like New York. I love New York, and I want to go someday!

5. Thanks for this great idea!

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?, originally uploaded by Matilde B..

people on exhibits

Note from Matilde B. for the NYC Exposition:

I am Portuguese. I was born in Cabinda, Angola. I am now living in Lisbon, in the old historical area of Bairro Alto, well-known for its designer shops and antiques. I studied graphic design in San Francisco, CA, and lived in Berkeley for 6 years and that's where I started enjoying photography. Now, as a web designer, images and color are constant partners of my everyday life, therefore I have the chance to get my hands on the camera almost everyday.

To shoot my pictures I use a Nikon D70S! As for my photo style, I guess I do not have a well-defined one, or at least not yet! As a photographer, I have learned to be more attentive while looking, and that made me see things which I usually didn't see.

Sharing my photographs with others is a way of collecting feedback on how people feel about my work. Flickr is just the way to do it! But what I really enjoy about Flickr, is the people and their positive feeling and attitude towards others. All Flickr users are part of some kind of friendship ring, where new "friends" are the ones that always come and comment on your photographs. These friends are also people that learn a great deal about you through the images you publish there.

The NYC Exposition is the opportunity to share with others some of the pictures I have taken while on vacation in the city. NYC is a modern version of the Babel tower and that's what I love about it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pinkish Lily with frog

Pinkish Lily with frog, originally uploaded by NYCArthur.

Note from NYCArthur:

I grew up on Long Island but left for college at 18 and only visited since then, living in upstate NY, then Michigan, then settling in Rochester, NY - swearing I'd never settle in the NYC area - too crowded, too much traffic. Now, I'm back and Love NYC: it's so vibrant and exciting and friendly. I've been taking photographs since I was about 8 with a Kodak Brownie camera - the first photos I remember taking were at the Bronx zoo -polar bears and snakes at the reptile house.
Now, I'm a biomedical research administrator, which funds my photographic hobby. I do take stills for two movie maker (independent films) friends, and design the occasional website: and and - a web for a theater-based school sex and gender identification education school-based program.

2. Why do I love photography? Hmmm. It's the people for me - I love photographing people. OK and places, too. NYC is full of people especially Manhattan - tourists, for example - from all over the world. I enjoy the creative process - the afterwork - photoshop - it's like the darkroom on the computer. I enjoy adjusting tone, color.... Style? mostly quick snaps of people on the street, some collaborative sessions, and work with movie makers make the process a thrill. My camera is a Canon G6 now - 35-140mm equivalent, with a flash shoe - and an external flash for indoor photography.

3. I love looking at other people's work - that's what I like most about Flickr. I like sharing my work to see what other people think. I also like the "friends" on Flickr - friendly people talking about photos - and meeting local Flickr people at an event like the JAWS outdoor film at Bryant Park.

4. I wanted to take part in the NYC Exposition because I'd like to show my photos - which I've never done before, not in a show setting. I'm a bit intimidated by the idea.

5. I've taken classes at ICP, here in NYC, and enjoy the learning process.


Queens, NYC

Queens, NYC, originally uploaded by Barrybar.

A note from Barrybar for the NYC Exposition:

I love the movies because I can see life on the screen, and I suppose I enjoy photography because I can capture life. I absolutely love faces, being a people watcher all my life, which is why I am in love with big cities. Whenever I plan a vacation, I always head for the capitals.

I use an Olympus C700 ultra zoom, which I bought about 4 or 5 years ago. In November 2001, it fell from shoulder height to a concrete floor, but continues to function quite well. I think I owe Olympus allegiance.

I love the idea of sharing, period. As a teenager, I learned from my friend, Bobo, who split everything with me 50/50. Before that, the elder brothers always deserved the bigger share. I share information to the extent that I become a pest. For example, I have a need to spread the word of Bush's absolute incompetence.

Before I joined Flickr, on 20 December 2004, I had about 16,000 pictures on my HD, and, fortunately, some on CDs. I have since lost all 17,000, including all my Queens graffiti. So, what's the point just keeping them all to myself. I've had people tell me that my photos turned them onto graffiti; that my graffiti, sometimes stitched together from 10 or more shots, inspired them to do panoramas. Can you imagine how proud that makes me feel?

I joined the NYC Expo because I was invited. It is another opportunity to show my work. I just returned from Ecuador on Saturday, after about 3 weeks, and had an Ecuadorian on Flickr thank me for showing her country in the way I did. I would hope that some New Yorkers, my favourite city on the planet, would feel connected to some of the shots I took.

I am a Jamaican first and a US citizen next. I am 67, retired from AT&T, have lived in Lima mostly since 1997, have five children, 13 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

I was a journalist in Jamaica, have a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and worked in Public Relations at AT&T.

I have published three articles in my favourite online journal,

I will never, ever vote again because both the Republicans and Democrats are beneath contempt.

It has been a pleasure.

The very best.




horny, originally uploaded by Aoife city womanchile.

"It seriously sounded like the biggest truck horn ever," Aoife city womanchile says in her photo caption.

A note from Aoife city womanchile for the NYC Exposition:

1. I'm a 28-year-old disabled author, born, raised and living in Washington Heights.

2. I've always been a shutterbug since I got my first camera at age 10. There are so many beautiful, awful, and just plain weird things you see everyday when you leave the house. I love being able to capture these things on film.
I don't really have any special style or technique. My main focus is capturing my subject completely, and having a clear picture.
I use a Canon Power Shot S400, that I got for my birthday two years ago.

3. I love being able to share the things I see, with people from around the world. I get the same joy from seeing other's photos. Flowers, places, people I have never seen before. That's what it's all about.

4. I was interested in participating in this event because I live in New York City. I love the idea of being a part of an art project for a community, and seeing all different pieces from the other artists.
Also, I am honored that I am able to share some of my photos.

Thank you.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Manhattan reflections

Manhattan reflections, originally uploaded by docman.

A note from the docman:

Film was for years my profession but photography was always my passion, as it was my mother's and grandfather's before me. Maybe someday I will post some of their images here.
A single guy until I was way into my thirties I traveled a lot, laughed a lot, drank a lot and went through many an adventure. Being a husband and father, has brought different but no less intensive adventures. Humor still abounds, although I must say this can not be said for the booze...
Photography links both periods of my life, as evidenced here on Flickr.

Still curious, still looking, still recording, still seeing, I hope!

Riding the 7 train

Riding the 7 train, originally uploaded by *syzygynick.

Capturing the mood of a late in the day ride home on the elevated 7 line.

A note from *Your Guide (formerly known on Flickr as *syzygynick):
I am a lifelong New Yorker who works professionally to enable affordable housing opportunities in many working class neighborhoods like the one I grew up in Brooklyn.
I love this city that I have photographed since I was a youth, and I am a street photographer at heart. I have used rangefinders and SLRs, but now I use the 8mp Konica Minolta A2 digicam. In addition to promoting amateur photography through Flushing Camera Club and my Housing agency photo club, I enjoy sharing my photo work with an international audience online via Flickr to help me keep pace with what the world is doing with images. Finally, the NYC Exposition affords me with a new opportunity to particpate at the grassroots level with other Flickr photographers based in New York and the wider Hispanic community in a unique way, through digital slides.
- Gary H. Spielvogel (*Your Guide)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's a long way to heaven

It's a long way to heaven, originally uploaded by Ana Valéria.

Centenary palm tree. Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A note from Ana:
I'm a 46-year-old woman, a psychologist, and I just like to photograph. Maybe because I can see many times the same beautiful or interesting scene, and I can share what I see with people...I like the wonderful photos that people share and the comments, the groups and the friends I've found here!
I don't have technique; I'm an amateur. My camera is a Sony Cybershot! I like to photograph my city, my cats, nature, flowers, many things!
I think that NYC Exposition is interesting because it will show pictures from people around the world and we will be together, beyond our images...
Thank you for inviting me.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

La espera...

La espera..., originally uploaded by Eros Leafar.

Loiza, P.R.

Eros Leafar's real name is Victor R. Iglesias. He is from San Juan, P.R.

Iglesias says one of the reasons he wanted to organize an exposition for Flickr photographers is because he wanted to start gatherings so members can meet in person and exhibit their photography.

"But I never imagined we would display our work before so many people," he says, referring to the upcoming multimedia NYC Exposition exhibit. "I was only expecting a small meeting with our photos showcased on walls."

Iglesias says photography "gives me the opportunity to show the world my point of view and that's why I enjoy it so much."

"I share because I want to get an opinion," he says. "I want to give something to the world. I just want to Thank God for this opportunity. :) CiaoVic."

In Spanish:

"El hecho de que no hay exposicion para los fotografos aficionados de Flickr, yo quería empezar a reunirnos y mostrar nuestros trabajos. Pero jamas pense que lo mostrariamos a tanta gente, en un principio simplemente esperaba que fuera una pequeña reunion con nuestras fotos en las paredes. Para mi la fotografía me da la oportunidad de mostrar al mundo mi punto de vista, por eso la disfruto tanto".

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