Saturday, September 24, 2005

young woman in a light shawl, sitting on a bench

Michael Seidman says:

Ah, about me...

I'm a gentleman of a certain age, retired after a career as an editor (novel length, generally crime fiction). Once upon a time, though, I thought about photography as a career--I was talked out of it by some people who wanted me to be a businessman. (Never was.)

Now with free time and the relative lack of expense playing in the digital darkroom, I'm back to taking pictures and then playing with them.

Photography fills my need for a creative outlet, it allows me to capture and present images of what I see...and sometimes of what might be seen by anyone who cares to look. I can't say I have a style or technique: I like pictures of people being people in whatever setting. I like pictures of things and stuff and nonsense. Whatever strikes my fancy, really. And then I go into my digital darkroom and do what storytellers do: I look and say what if? And then try to find an answer. Sometimes there are none, but there may be a pleasing image. If I can sit back and smile at what I see on monitor, I'm happy.

Once upon a time I hoped that Flickr or other photoblogs might lead to being discovered. Now I settle for the simple pleasure of sharing. There are people who like my work and tell me so (always gratifying), there are those who like it but don't say anything (at least they aren't being nasty) and those who don't care. But I don't know who they are, so I don't worry about it.

Participating in NYC Expo? That's the easiest one to answer. It supports the possibilities of what is a new and growing and exciting art form. It will go toward supporting a gallery that I think should be supported in a community that should be supported. And I live in New York, my work is done in New York and I think, in the end, the way see New York is, if not unique, at least sufficiently different to be of interest.

Beyond that, I don't know that there's anything of importance: married, grandfather, balding...

And having a damn fine time....


Birdman Of Union Square

Birdman Of Union Square, originally uploaded by lawroberts.

Lawrence Roberts says:

Born and raised in New York City, I am a professor of law at Fordham University. I have spent virtually my entire life in the world's greatest city.

My approach to photography is much the same as my approach to life. I look on it as an opportunity to experience something new, to learn, to grow and at the same time communicate what I've learned. Always evolving, my techniques are most often compared to the neo-pictorialists. The work is heavily dependent upon extensive alteration in Photoshop. The goal is to create images that are less photographic and more reminiscent of other art forms such as painting and sculpture. This is largely achieved through simplification of form and color.

I use 2 cameras for my source images. When I shoot with film, I use a Canon AE-1. When shooting with a digital camera, I use a cheap, generic 3.1 megapixel model.

For me, Flickr serves two very vital purposes. It is a wonderful way to learn by the example of a great many talented photographers. Just as importantly, Flickr facilitates the process of feedback for artists' work that allows them to hone their skills.

As helpful as Flickr is, it can sometimes feel as if one is "preaching to the choir." The NYC Exposition is an exceptional opportunity for artists to exchange ideas not only with other artists, but with the community at large.

Friday, September 23, 2005


dreamer, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

Tatiana Cardeal says:
Hi there.

A bit about me
I used to work for more than 10 years as a designer and art director for Brazilian magazines and newspapers. But I became frustated with the Brazilian market and the social conditions of my country. Editorials were mostly reflecting a world of a few people, a minority class with money to buy things.
So, I decided to dedicate my work and my images to show how I see my country and the wonderful people living here. I wanted my images to reflect the strong people, the survivors of injustice because of the social conditions here.
My photography is a way to understand how I see life and the changes of time.

I believe we choose to photograph what we choose to talk about; what are our questions.
Images are a language. I photograph images as my own way to talk about social conditions, and to call people to think about them. I also like to talk about inner experiences and my pictures help me look for personal meanings and style.
I use a Spotimatic Pentax, and I used to use an EOS100 Cannon. A few months ago, I started with a 20D Canon, my first digital.

I think Flickr is a very nice tool for my work, and I use it to evaluate whether what I'm doing is working. It's a perfect reflection of a linked world, where people can meet each other, share thoughts, questions, feelings and differences.

NYC Exposition
The Expo should be a nice opportunity, not only to call more people to think about photography, but to call people to the image language. We all can talk about things we believe and need, but photography is a strong way of conveying our message, without language barriers. I hope to inspire people to do that: to create their language and make a difference in society.

Thank you.

Best :)


Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ian, originally uploaded by romanedirisinghe.

Romanedirisinghe says:

1. I was born in Moscow, Russia, raised in the jungles and beaches of Sri Lanka, the rolling hills of the Black Forest and Bavaria in Germany, and somehow settled, whether by choice or circumstance, in the urban eternity of the USA. I am web designer by day and a musician at night.

2. I enjoy photography because it is a way to paint with light. Since I have little time in my life for painting with acrylics or oils, the camera will have to do. My cameras, a 35mm Nikon FM-10, and a digital Kodak DX4530 point & shoot, serve my meager needs.

3. Flickr gave me an excuse to finally share my photos with the world, and the process was improved by the incredibly innovative tagging system.

4. I immediately took interest in the NYC Exposition because it offered a way to merge the virtual and the physical, the impalpable and the palpable. In other words... c'mon! An opportunity to display in NYC? What knucklehead is going to pass that up?

5. More about me on my blog:

Dreaming a little dream..This pic is 4 u Bjorn...

Spanishgirl_in_oxford says:

Before I was going to answer your questions, I wanted to check the public forum again to know more about the NYC Exposition and the people. I received an invitation from "hellophotokitty," and I felt so flattered that she thought about me for this great opportunity.
To me, Flickr has been an inspiration. It's ironic how I discovered it through the terrorist attack in London. Death=life.
As I do every day, I remember I checked the Internet that day, and it was full of images from the attack.
I also remember clicking a photo of Daddy Yankee, and the world of Flickr appeared before my eyes.
As a student of Fine Arts in Oxford, I found this website to be a perfect way to show my creativity and admire others.
I have been doing e-media and photography in my course of Fine Arts. I love to see how a camera can show feelings, emotions, situations in that special way. I think I have miles to walk to become a good photographer, but I have one life to achieve it.
I couldn't answer what is my photo style. Every day I see a new shadow, and it's my style. I especially love erotic photography, which who knows may be a way to work out my low-self esteem?
I like to explore different ways to make a picture because I don't have Photoshop at home. Most of my effects are created with normal lights, changing the light effect, party mood, sunset, everything the camera can offer me.
A Nikon 5900 was my first digital camera. Normally, I rent the cameras from the university to take more professional pictures.
But ever since I joined Flickr during the summer, all the pictures I have posted have been taken with my Nikon.
Why I want to take part of the NYC Exposition? Just like everybody else, it is a way to express your art, share a part of yourself through photos, express ideas and feelings, and entertain people. It is also a way to teach people that our world can be seen from different angles.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Paraíso IX - Pointing the Infinite


1. I'm a Portuguese journalist. I'm a radio reporter and news host.

2. I love photography, but I'm an amateur. I have no specific style or technique. I use a digital Canon PowerShot A70.

3. I like to share my pictures on Flickr to see other pictures and learn about my own. People comment and give good advice.

4. I was invited by a friend - a professional photographer - who told me I should try to be part of the NYC Exposition.


Orq1, originally uploaded by GinoPR.

GinoPR says:

Higinio "Gino" Ferreira
Professional Photographer
464 Dresde St.
Puerto Nuevo, PR 00920

1. I was introduced to photography at the early age of 17 and inspired by two of my older brothers. They were professional photographers; one in the US Navy and the other in the University of Puerto Rico. From them, I acquired a great deal of technical and artistic perspectives. I completed photography studies at the University of Puerto Rico, and I keep updated through photo workshops on a monthly basis with photographers from all over Puerto Rico.

2. I love photography, because I have the opportunity to create art and influence people's opinion and emotions, like James Nachtwey or Steve McCurry. I can make this world look better through my lens. My style and experience includes: Fine Art Photography, Photo impressionist, Portrait, Macros, Silhouettes, Glamour, Sport, Scenery, Landscape, Modeling and Fashion, B&W, B&W Laboratory and more.

The camera and equipment I use are Nikon cameras: N90s, D100 and D70s. My favorite for professional work is 35mm color film.

Preferred films: Portra NC/VC and Slide.

Some of my favorite lens: Sigma 24-135mm, Tamron 15-35mm, Tamron 70-300mm Macro 1:2, Tele-converter 1.4x when needed and others.

Favorite filters: Circular Polarizer, Yellow and Red.

3. I love Flickr because it gives me opportunity as a photographer to show my photographic art work to the world, and see other photos from all over the world.

4. At the NYC Exposition, I will like to represent Puerto Rico, showing its beauty through my work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Waiting on the BusStop

Waiting on the BusStop, originally uploaded by walan.

Walan says:

1.-I'm a 22-year-old man from Menorca, Spain. I'm studying graphic design at the moment.

2.- I like photography because I love to capture a special moment and... then I always want to improve it with some of Photoshop's brushstrokes! I always use different styles, depending on the photo and what it suggests to me...! I use an old digital camera (Sony DSC P5 with 3,2Mpx).

3.- I love to share my point of view. That is the reason I photoblog on Flickr. I also want people to give me their opinion about my pictures, so I may improve my technique.

4.- Why I am participating in the NYC Exposition? Just for show and to share special moments and emotions!


Calm Inside, Chaos Outside

Calm Inside, Chaos Outside, originally uploaded by VincenzoF.

VincenzoF says:

1. I'm 29 years old, married, and have lived in New York City my entire life. My hobbies include photography, music (I play the keyboard and saxophone), cycling, and videogames. In some ways, I'm very much a little kid in an adult body!

2. Photography gives me a chance to show people the world through my eyes. I tend to think even the most mundane of things are beautiful. One of my favorite locations to shoot is the New York City Subway. Most people see it everyday, and never really stop to take a look at what's going on there. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that most people don't even think about the subway or the people as even mildly interesting. Photography helps me to relay those little details that I think people miss.

My equipment:
Canon Digital Rebel XT
Konica-Minolta Dimage X50

3. Flickr is excellent because of the community involvement. People critiquing your work, discussing your work, getting together for a meetup, etc. Instead of just a bunch of jerks with high-priced cameras, you have a bunch of people who really enjoy the art no matter what they shoot with from snapshooters to full-fledged professionals. It really is an amazing site and an amazing group of folks on it and running it.

4. I'm excited about giving my photos a wide audience in the NYC Exposition. Who knows, maybe someone will look at one of them and go, "Oh wow! I never looked at it that way!" If that happens, I truly feel that this hobby of mine will be worth the effort I put into it.

5. I just want to thank my wife for being a patient supportive fan of my work since day one. In fact, supportive is an understatement. Without her, I would be just a guy clicking shots of kids at family events. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me.


Talk to you soon! :-)

Monday, September 19, 2005

, originally uploaded by stereoleo.

Stereoleo says:


I'm 26 years old and I'm from Brazil. I'm a musician/photographer. I don't work with photography, but I would love to - actually I'm trying to work. I took a photography course (1 year long) in 1999 while I was studying advertisement. I liked photography so much that I started studying Fine Arts.
Lately, I'm using a Canon Powershot Pro 1, but I also shoot film with a Pentax KM.
I don't think I have a set style. I love to work with shadows, reflections, geometry, abstractions, night shots...
I used to post my images on, but their service sucks so I moved to Flickr. I like Flickr because of the quality of the image, the tools and the services - I have no complaints.
I was invited by someone (don't remember who) to join the NYC Exposition, read the "about" and thought it was interesting. I see photography as art, and as an artist, I would love to see my work shown.

Well, I think that's it.


Taking pictures. Locura fotográfica

Venaslarguisimas says:

1. I'm from Spain. I live in Barcelona.
2. Es una magnifica manera de recordar los buenos momentos y los seres queridos. ¿Mi técnica? Esto me gusta, aprieto el botón, no....... mejor la repito.... Uso una Minolta reflex D3i i una digital Leica de 1.8 a espera de comprarme una estupenda.
3. Para compartir con amigos y familia. Por ver magnificas fotos, por hobby, por entretenerme...
4. porquè tuviste el detalle de invitarme.
5. Sólo gracias.

Venaslarguisimas says she enjoys photography because it is a way to remember good moments and loved ones. Her technique: point and shoot. She photographs things that she likes. She uses Flickr because she enjoys sharing with family and friends. It is also a fun hobby to see wonderful photos.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

stop the moment

stop the moment, originally uploaded by ander80.

Ander80 says:
1. Me: I saw a graffiti yesterday that said: "Create!" It made my morning. I smiled all the way to work. That's me.

2.I use a Canon 350 SLR. I like colors, shapes, peoples expression and above all, the simplicity of life. Technique: let the light come in and create its own colors. There is not a single unique technique. Sometimes I like tidy organized photos such as squares fitted in a centered photo. Sometimes I like a messy expressive moment.

3.I just love to share my views and get feedback. I learned that there is so much to like.

4.I love NY. I like to be part of a group. I'm a "social group retard." That's why I'm part of the NYC Exposition.

La Mallorquina

La Mallorquina, originally uploaded by DeLares.

Eliud Martinez (known in Flickr as DeLares) says:

I was born in the mountain town of Lares, Puerto Rico. I lived there intermittently early on but was mostly raised between the American Midwest and New York City. I’m a longtime photographer, who is relatively “late blooming” in showing my art in public.

As an emerging older artist who happens to be self-taught, I feel both advantaged and disadvantaged. I trust that a major advantage is that I've gotten to be the person I am by being open & listening well. As a life-long learner, I’ve sought out good teachers (often unbeknownst to them & some without much formal education). A disadvantage of sorts is that I sometimes care too much and too deeply. The advantages and disadvantages have sometimes overlapped and morphed into one another or become painfully clear. Either way, I’ve voted with the “fools rushing in” (where angels might fear to tread)...I’m in love...

My artistic choices and love of photography have been influenced by the likes of Walker Evans, Sebastiao Salgado, Minor White, Ansel Adams, Lee Friedlander, Weston and Diane Arbus as well as painters such as Rothko, Warhol and Frank Stella. My growing body of work (such as it is) includes portraiture, landscapes, still life and abstract studies. The content and spirit of my photos are, of course, also informed by my creole Latino heritage, family life, an intense love of music, spirituality, literature and philosophy. Much of the story-telling imagery are transformational and meditative in ways that harken to a fondness for Pablo Neruda’s poetry and Raymond Carver’s short stories.

Ansel Adams had it right when he said: "We don't make a photograph just with a camera; we bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved." Amen.

I’ve had an unusual process of education and professional development. Upon graduating from high school in NYC, I was apprenticed in the office of the internationally famous industrial designer, Raymond Loewy. I worked as a draftsman and eventually specialized in high-end retail store and corporate office planning and design. In the early 70s, I also briefly apprenticed in the, then nascent, Downtown Community Television Center founded by Jon Alpert. I subsequently completed university studies part-time.

I graduated from NYU with a BA in psychology and urban design studies. I eventually received Master’s degrees in Social Work and Education from Columbia University and City College respectively. I live and work on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In addition to being an emergent artist, I have been a clinical supervisor for many years and am now a practicing guidance counselor and psychotherapist.

Growing up, my older brother was a photography enthusiast and eventually became (and is) a professional photographer...As a result, photography was a part of my early adolescence into adulthood. My interest in photography and practice was nurtured and encouraged by many artist friends and acquaintances along the way. By 20, I was fairly proficient in developing 35mm black and white negatives and print-making in a small bathroom darkroom at home.

I consider myself to be part of a generation geeky kids that learned to put together crystal diode radios, (mail order) stereo amplifiers and eventually embraced Stewart Brand’s “Whole Earth Catalogue” philosophy of technical self sufficiency. When computers came along, I jumped in the wave. Although I’ve been a lifelong photographer, the emergence of digital photography reawakened my passion. I’m now primarily using the Canon SLR EOS 20D with a 17-85mm Lens. I confess to being head over heels with creating images for the past three years. My passion and recent learning curve threaten to overshadow my day work so much so that it (my day job) has begun to pale by comparison. Yes, I’m looking into early retirement.

I love photography because it “speaks to me” on so many levels: whether it is a straightforward recording of images, symbolic, representational, referential or abstract renderings of images.

I’m attracted to the philosophical, political, cultural and existential levels of meaning found in photography. These transform photographs into acts of human intimacy and transpersonal communication. David Levi Strauss’ says it nicely (“Between the eyes: essays on photography and politics” the way, great read!): photo images are like “points of attention" that somehow "map" (or shape) our human awareness and desires.

I find myself experimenting quite a bit and feel drawn to a wide range of photography subjects and projects. Maybe I need to be more disciplined? Can’t say I have an identifiable style yet, but maybe you and other FLICKR participants can help me with that.

Most recently, the photographs I’ve taken in Puerto Rico have moved me the most deeply and reflected the greatest amount of learning for me. I’ve actually been taken aback by this. I don’t know exactly why yet. Possibly the subject matter in the PR photographs have helped me flow into a deeper creative process.

Creating art can be a very lonely and isolating kind of experience. Self revelation through one’s art work is risky and scary and there is no safety net. There is no yellow brick road, but I’m hoping to find fellow travelers, seekers and kindred spirits to help me see myself by the light of their visions, their love of photography and yes, their “FLICKRing” “love-lights.” :~)>

So far, I’ve found the NYC Exposition group to be a vibrant and percolating community of interesting minds, great talents and good company! My thinking is that this is a good place for an emerging artist to be, to be seen, appreciated and helped along the way to good things.

Yes, I bet this is already more than you bargained for. :~)>

Many thanks for this opportunity and encouragement to “think-out-loud.”

Peace, Eliud

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