Saturday, October 01, 2005

All She Needs Is Love

All She Needs Is Love, originally uploaded by dlemieux.

Dlemieux says:
1- I am 29 years old, live in Brooklyn, NY, with my boyfriend and our 4 cats. I volunteer for a cat rescue, do yoga, but mostly just study photography!!
2- I have loved photography ever since I was very young. My father was an amateur photographer and used to win awards in Boston for his work. I adore taking portraits, street shots, photographing the city (especially Brooklyn), but I also love landscape photography. I enjoy taking black and white photos and recently, began really studying faces. I love capturing moments in peoples' lives.
I am currently trying to teach myself photoshop cs2. Quite a challenge! I use a Canon Powershot A85 with a teleconverter lens (I hope to upgrade sometime soon).
3- I love Flickr because I feel like I'm exposing myself in a very unique way. I love logging in and seeing new comments, photos that have been favorited, or someone giving me a critique. I have found several different photographers on Flickr that are just outstanding and I feel honored if they too like my photos. It's quite addicting!
4- I would like to take part in the NYC Expo because I live here, it's another avenue for exposure, and I think some of my recent portrait work is good enough! It's taken me a long time to be able to say that! The expo sounds like a lot of fun.
My dream in life is to work as a professional photographer. I would love to do street photography, documentary work, photojournalism...any of these. I think photography is my way of sending important messages out about the state that our world is in. Photographs are so powerful. They say so much more than words to me a lot of the time. I love that.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Dracula's Library

Dracula's Library, originally uploaded by (angela).

(Angela) says:

I'm an illustrator, which means I draw for a living. I'm 33, but people often think I'm 16. I'm basically a big kid. Most of my work is for children's and teen publishing.

I have a Fuji F10, which I carry with me always. I like to take pictures of things I come across while I'm out walking (which I do a lot since I don't drive). My favorite subjects are ordinary things: my neighborhood, my cats, my psycho chihuahua, street scenes, the view out my window (especially at sunset). I usually do some sort of Photoshop post processing to my photos. I'm an artist, so I use my pictures as a base to make reality more interesting, even when the subject is mundane or downright ugly. Some people might consider that cheating, but I make a living creating visual images -- I use whatever tools I need to make the best possible image.

I like Flickr because I get an immediate response to my pictures. I work from home, which is great, but it can be very isolating. Flickr enables me to interact with people like me, people who like to share snapshots of their lives.

A friend I made on Flickr (who actually lives across the street from me!) sent me an invitation to the NYC Exposition. It sounded like an interesting concept, so I joined. Not to sound corny, but I love New York. I'm originally from Brooklyn. I grew up on Long Island, I went to college in Manhattan, I lived in the West Village, then Park Slope and now in Clinton Hill. I love it here. I can't think of a better place to be.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bronx Parade

Bronx Parade, originally uploaded by raulrod75.

Raulrod75 says:

A few facts about me...

Born and raised in Manhattan

Hispanic/Latino male

Living in Bronx since 1972

Served in Vietnam and Cambodia

Taking photos since I was a teenager

Photographed my childhood, Vietnam, family, etc.

My favorite style is close-ups, and I been using Nikon cameras ever

I have a FTN Nikon that’s about a collector’s item by now.

I like Flickr because it has a bigger audience, and the pictures there are

I am taking part in the NYC Exposition to be part of a group that is so creative.

Raul ; )

NY Sidewalk

NY Sidewalk, originally uploaded by artouttamymind.

Artouttamymind says:

1. I've always been an artist, as long as I can remember. I was in my first exhibit when I was four. I got my first camera, a Kodak Instamtic, when I was nine, and haven't stopped taking pictures since.

I live and work in Little Rock, Arkansas, but love to travel to shoot new things, have new experiences, and explore new places.

2. Why do I enjoy photography? I enjoy photography because I can capture slices of life, moments in time, that I can't capture any other way. Also, I'm able to express myself better with a photograph than with any other medium.

What is my style? I strive to simplify my subject to its essence. I'm told I have a "different" way of seeing, guided not by details or focus, but by intuition and emotion.

What is my technique? My techniques are determined by each image and how it speaks to me. Some are painted and manipulated digitally. I call those "digital photopaintings." Others start as 35mm slides or prints and are manipulated with Polaroid film, becoming Polaroid Image Transfers or Polaroid Emulsion Lifts. Yet others are taken with a vintage Polaroid SX70 camera and manipulated quickly, while the emulsion is still soft and malleable. All of my images end up on my computer for color correction, enlarging, and printing. Sometimes I take the image even farther from reality by adding collage elements, paint, and ink, pencil or pastels on the inkjet prints, creating a piece of art that is totally different from what started in the camera.

What camera do I use?

Digital: Canon Powershot A95

35mm: Nikon N60, Nikon N2000, Pentax k1000

Polaroid: SX70, pinhole, Holgaroid, 600, izone, and various vintage models

3. I wanted to join flickr because there are not many fine art photographers in my area, so I felt isolated and was looking for a place to share my work and get feedback in order to improve.

What about it do I like? I love the support and camaraderie and really appreciate the friendships I've developed with some wonderful people all over the world.

4. Why do I want to take part in the NYC Exposition? I wanted to participate in the Exposition because I feel that my work isn't finished until people see it. If more people see it and are touched by it, then it becomes complete. This exhibit will give my work a chance to be seen by my many people who would never see it otherwise.

5. I appreciate being invited to participate in this exhibit and hope my contributions will help make it a big success.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

(Sin) Verguenza

(Sin) Verguenza, originally uploaded by Apollo as a boy.

Apollo as a boy says:

1. I'm 23 years old. I have a bachelors in humanities with an emphasis on tourism. I am pursuing another bachelors degree in graphic arts, and I am hoping to concentrate on graphic design and photography. I officially began to study photography during my first year at college (in 2000). But my interest in photography really began in high school.

2. I enjoy photography because it is a way of capturing something: a moment, an idea, a vision, whatever. It is a way of capturing that special something to show others. It is a way of sharing what you see and what you wish to see and inmortalize that image and make it known. Jajaja, I think I went on a trip.
I don't use a particular style. I use technique according to what is required of the moment, subject, vision, thing and purpose. For me, that is what makes a better result.
I use two cameras: a Canon EOS Elan7 (35mm) and a "point and shoot/digital camera" Olympus Camedia D-560 Zoom.

3. I was introduced to Flickr by Victor. I like to show my work and see how people react to it. I like to know the perspectives and reactions my work brings. That's why I like to share it on Flickr. It gives me the opportunity to know the perspectives and reactions that my work provokes beyond the coasts of Puerto Rico.

4. I believe the NYC Exposition is a good opportunity to share my work...I love to participate in exhibits like this, where there is a collective style of art featuring more than one artist. That way, people get to see more than one point of view. Although I won't be able to attend the event in New York City, I find that the concept of presenting a multimedia/photo exposition is interesting. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this.

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

, originally uploaded by Android Paranoid.

Android Paranoid says:

Hi there :)

1) I'm moody, lunatic...passionate.
2) I took my first pictures less than two years ago, and I found out something new in me: I LOVE IT! :)
I cannot say what's my technique. I love to observe and follow my instinct...then it's easy.

My cameras: Canon A80 PowerShot and Canon 3000v.

3) Why Flickr? I found absolutely great spending time in here. It's a fun way to improve myself: observing, asking, watching other's people works.

4) I was invited to the NYC Exposition. Honestly, I haven't had too much time lately to read topics and news of the group, but the Expo sounds interesting.

5) Thanks by the way.

:) All the best,

Monday, September 26, 2005


stance, originally uploaded by phil h.

Phil H says:

Born in Switzerland some 30 years ago to Swiss and German parents, I grew up in both Germany and Switzerland. My attraction to the arts from an early age led me to making music my profession. In conjunction with my musical studies, I have lived in the United States and in Sweden before choosing Paris as my base a few years ago, where I am currently active as a composer, saxophonist, and faculty member at the American School of Modern Music.

While I have always been fascinated with photography, it is only very recently - upon discovering the practicality of digital photography - that I have taken the time to regularly devote more time to this art form, trying to absorb and learn while using the pages of the Flickr community as a point of departure for exploration.

The practice of photography has opened my eyes to the visual experience of everyday life. It is with great joy that I try to see and occasionally capture the extraordinary that is hidden within the ordinary. My foremost concern when photographing is therefore trying to isolate and thus emphasize elements found in our immediate surroundings that I deem worthy of greater appreciation - elements that include the wonderful shapes, textures, colors, and sought-out angles to see things, that may otherwise easily be overlooked in our daily routines.

The cameras that I am currently using for my explorations in photography are an Olympus C-3040Z and the decidedly low-quality camera of my Sony Ericsson P910.

Being part of the online photography community that is Flickr has been a priceless experience of being exposed to and inspired by images from photographers around the world on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is the direct interaction with said photographers in form of discussions and immediate reactions to images that make being part of the Flickr community an inspiring and highly enjoyable experience.

Receiving an invitation to take part in the NYC Exposition project was a great honor for me. I am delighted to have some of my photographic work displayed among this wonderfully diverse and international selection of photographers.

With great appreciation for this project and the people behind it,

Phil Hilfiker

Back It Up

Back It Up, originally uploaded by Grundy.

Grundy says:

1. I'm a struggling designer/ video producer/editor/freelance photojournalist, who wants that break to make a name for himself.

2. Something about capturing a moment in time, and the way that light and shade makes things so beautiful is why I like photography. I'm mainly a person who shoots under natural light, and I honestly haven't studied what my style is. I use a Nikon D70.

3. I don't have a photoblog, but I like sharing the way I see the world with others on Flickr and getting a reaction out of them.

4. I think the NYC Exposition is a nice way to showcase one's work, and in turn, get feedback on what works and what doesn't.


Farewell, originally uploaded by Jerry Aaron Hazard.

Jerry Aaron Hazard says:

1. I am a 70's child, I was raised on images: from Captain Kangaroo to Sesame Street, from the Wide World of Sports to National Geograhic, and of course, the advertisements that cement them all together. A true member of the TV generation. Saturday morning cartoons. Boy's life Magazine, Ranger Rick, even Highlights - those kid books in the doctors waiting room with the keen little hideaway puzzles and billboards. All these icons formed what would later be known as "brand recognition," but more importantly, these icons gave me a desire to participate in the cacophany of visual stimuli that affected me so.

2. I like to bring my imagination to reality; a still state, where I can study it for longer than just the brief glimpses of my memory. I am not sure what my "style" is. I would guess perhaps "Grit" or "Gritty." While I appreciate images of pretty flowers, landscapes and all, it's the gritty sides to any situation that attract me.

I shoot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel now. But the greater part of my body of work was created with either film or a Fuji 6900z "prosumer" digital camera. The majority of my work is digital, although I sometimes will take a physical print and manipulate that - but I prefer digital for the convenience and speed.

3. I share my work on Flickr to attract like-mindedness, to get my work out in just one more place. There are tons of creative, friendly people there and more often than not they spur my imagination.

4. Why I am taking part in the NYC Exposition? Just to get my work out there, and participate in a keen group where technology will show that there are new ways to exhibit art, and that many meaningful artists have yet to "discovered." Plus, I'm a narcissist, so anything that will get somebody to look at my work is a go!

5. All my work is available in prints; signed archival inkjets or Fuji Frontier reprints...E-mail for details :).

Thank you!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

, originally uploaded by minusbaby.

Photo by Minusbaby

Timothy Caraballo looks for a book at a NYC store. Tim is our tech guy for our upcoming BLOGS exhibit in East Harlem. He is coding a custom version of the Flickr slideshow application especially for our exhibit.

Tim, who is known in Flickr as "openback" and is Minusbaby's brother, says: It's being written in C# using Flickr.NET. It's a library that lets me speak to Flickr which I was originally going to write myself (I made one written in PHP), but there's no need to spend all that time when it's already out there, so I don't have to deal with SOAP directly right now.

Thanks Tim.

Farewell Mocca..

Farewell Mocca.., originally uploaded by * Honest *.

*Honest* says:

1- I'm a 20-year-old visual art student from the UAE. I have a background in photography, painting, printing, sculpting, drawing and a lot of mix media work.

2- I enjoy photography because it captures a moment in time. Whatever we capture with our camera lasts longer than the moment itself. It is also a good way to express one's inner thoughts. I am lucky to be able to use a Nikon D70.

3- I am sharing my images because I like to see how people react to the pictures I take, and Flickr is a great place for this.

4- I wanted to take part in the NYC Exposition because I want my images to be viewed not only in my country or by a specific audience, I'd rather have an ecclectic audience. This way I can grow as an artist.

Thank you. Much appreciated.
Honest Night

Ivy League

Ivy League, originally uploaded by Newell the Jewell.

Newell the Jewell says:

1. I am a resident of Clinton Hill in Brooklyn and work at The Rockefeller University in Manhattan. I believe my work and home environments influence my photography, as they are both very green due to many old-growth trees and abundant gardens. Very diverse peoples and equally diverse architectural styles populate my environments, and these too are often the subjects of my photography.

2. Photography is a form of self-expression and therapeutic. I prefer architecture and landscapes. With the advent of the Internet, in addition to taking photos, I research my subject on-line, and share both the photo and background information on Flickr. My goal is not to simply display a photo, but to teach the viewer something about the subject.
I currently use a small 2.1mp Kodak though I’m looking to invest in an 8mp DSLR.

3. Flickr is user friendly, and I enjoy viewing new photos and conversing with other Flickr members about their work, meeting new people and exploring the digital medium.

4. A fellow Flickr member sent me an invitation to the NYC Exposition. New York City offers the photographer so much in the way of subject matter. It's not uncommon for me to spend an entire day walking around the city taking photos.


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