Saturday, October 08, 2005

Going Underground

Going Underground, originally uploaded by Monster..

Monster. says:


I'm Steve Bailey (aka Monster.)

I was born in Portsmouth on the south coast of England and haven't strayed very far in my 41 years.

I love photography; I have always enjoyed composing pictures and the digital age has made it so much more accessible and flexible.

Until fairly recently, I worked in an office for an international organization and got to that stage in life where I needed a change. Life is far too short, and I am now in the process of setting myself up as a photographer.

I have my first wedding under my belt, am working on my own website and once that is up and running will begin in earnest the business of advertising my services for more regular work.

I use and have always used Nikon cameras. I presently have a D70 and a D70s and am very impressed with their performance.

With regard to my style of photography, that's probably a little difficult to pin down. I was nominated for a Flicky award in "Excellence in Diversity in a Photographer," which in a way sums it up. I do try to vary the type, style and subject matter of the photographs I take - so perhaps "diverse" or "varied" best describes my photostream.

Flickr has been like a breath of fresh air. It has been both inspirational and welcoming and a marvelous way to find out what it is about my images that people like or are not so keen on.

The NYC Exposition is a fantastic idea, and I am glad to be able to offer my support. What better way to demonstrate the ethos of Flickr and extend the concept of photo sharing to the wider community.

I wish those that are organizing the Exposition, every success.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Valeria, originally uploaded by Iv0/0vi.

IvO/Ovi says:

1. I'm a photographer who is constantly searching for her visual
path. I started taking photography seriously when I was in high
school. After high school, I went to the Rhode Island School of
Design, where I studied film/video. I didn't want to do photography
commercially because it was too personal and I didn't want to
corrupt that, so I worked as an assistant editor for some films
and then as a video editor and composer. After working many years
as an editor, I decided to go back to photography and now I do it
full time.

As far as technique is concerned, I don't have one particular
style. I like to experiment a lot and use different type of cameras
and films. There's a lot of play in the way I photograph. In the
past two years, I have gotten more into digital photography and am
now learning how to better my craft by going to workshops and working with other photographers.

3. I started using Flickr after a friend told me about the site. After I saw how connected everything is there, how tags worked, how people left comments and what an amazingly interactive experience it was, I was hooked. Aside from the obvious reasons for sharing one's photographs, this site really makes it such a fun process and the people that I have met in the Flickr world have been amazing!

4. First of all, thanks for the invitation to participate in the NYC Exposition. I'm not sure who
invited me, but I'm very happy to be a part of this. I wanted to be
a part of it because I think it's important to share one's work. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so, and I'm glad I had photographs that complemented the theme.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Turning Dark

Turning Dark, originally uploaded by clarisel.

About me

1. My name is Clarisel Gonzalez. I was born to Puerto Rican parents in NYC's East Harlem and raised in the Bronx.
A graduate of Fordham University, I am a veteran journalist. I have experience as a reporter and an editor. I served at newspapers in New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico. I currently run Puerto Rico Sun, a cultural news/photoblog project. I am also an independent producer and am planning to do a cultural news/arts show to be aired on Bronxnet, a community television and public access station in the Bronx. I relocated to New York City last summer from Puerto Rico, where I also served as an English teacher.

2. I love photography. I have always loved it! I used to model. But I prefer shooting photos. I took a photography class at Fordham, and I have worked with photojournalists as a reporter and an editor.

When I began my Puerto Rico Sun project back in 2002 (as an e-magazine website), I decided to dedicate more time to my photography too. I converted the Puerto Rico Sun into a blog in 2004 because it was simply easier for me to maintain and update on my own.
I began using Flickr as a way of blogging my own photos to Puerto Rico Sun at, but I quickly found this wonderful interactive, talented community of online photographers on Flickr. On July 22, 2004, I started up the Puerto Rico Sun photo group at Flickr, which today has more than 60 members from Puerto Rico, the U.S. and beyond.
I am active in different photo groups at Flickr. Two popular groups I administer are: "Green is Beautiful" (dedicated to the color green) with more than 2,100 members and "Sunrise, Sunset -- Anything Sun!" with more than 2,700 members.
Last April, I started up The Bronx group, which today has nearly 60 members. Our goal is to showcase the diversity of The Bronx through photography.
I co-administer the !Boricuas! and "Cinematic Moments" groups.
I don't really have a photo technique. I take photos as an extension of what my eyes and mind sees. I enjoy landscapes, urban, street photography, black and white, nature, photojournalism, architecture...I enjoy photos that tell stories. I am also an animal lover and take photos of cats and dogs.

My photos are featured in several websites, including

3. I share on Flickr because I enjoy the interaction with people from all over the world who share a love for photography. I love taking visual trips. Today, I went on a journey to Puerto Rico, Greece, Ireland! The best part is that I can communicate directly with the photographers and sometimes we talk in real time. It's great!

4. I wanted to help organize BLOGS (AKA "NYC Exposition") because I liked the idea of showcasing my work with a community of online photographers (and the best part is that they are from all over the world). I like that we are having our own exhibition in NYC, my hometown. I love that it is a multimedia exhibit and that the gallery is at MediaNoche, which is part of PR Project, an organization aimed at empowering community through technology. It has been a pleasure serving as a co-administrator of the NYC Exposition with Flickr members Richard A. Caraballo "Minusbaby" and Victor R. Iglesias "Eros Leafar."

5. Thank you for your support. Enjoy BLOGS: an exhibition of photoblogs (showcasing three of my favorite groups: NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun and East Harlem). I am proud to be curator of this event. A special thanks to Judith Escalona of MediaNoche for giving us the opportunity.



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Graphitti World

Graphitti World, originally uploaded by zinetv.

Zinetv says:

Lionel Martinez began his media career as a New York underground filmmaker. Several of his early works are still listed in the Film Cooperative catalog.

He has worked on various aspects of documentary commercial and industrial film productions. Currently, he works in independent television production.

He is the author of seven books, three of them are popular histories. His photographs have appeared in “The Time-Life Book of Century – the 1960’s”, “The History of the Irish in America” and “Fire Engines in America” to name a few.

In the 80’s, Purple Barge For Photography featured two one man shows of his works.

Recently, he had a one man show on his new digital imaging works at the Andrews Building Management gallery and was a participant in the spring Washington Heights Art Walk.

Lionel Martinez’s pictures are created via a digital process that incorporates photographic elements and computer generated graphic enhancements.

It has been generally accepted that painting in all its manifestations is an additive art form; the artist begins with nothing and must add paint or other materials, to bring about the artist’s vision.

Photography is a subtractive art form. The photographer begins in most cases with something, sometimes everything, before the camera. It is in the winnowing of the visual essences that the photograph emerges from the chaos presented before the camera.

The works in this exhibit represent a digital fusion of the two processes described in these observations.

Each image begins as a digital photo, which in this case is used as a sketch or rough draft.

Those image elements are metamorphosed using computer software to bring out the feeling and emotion inherent in the developing image.

The results of the enhanced digital images are seen on Flickr.

I want to take part in the NYC Exposition because urban streams of the city flow through my blood.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


TUBE_LINK, originally uploaded by richardpe.

1. I live in East London and used to be a video editor (for many years) and print designer. Sometimes I still do this to make a little money. But I recently qualified as a hypnotherapist so took a year out to study.
What I want to do is focus on doing photography as well as becoming a publisher maybe in about 1-2 years.

2. My style is to look for beauty all around me. I'd like more time to search from images, but I am still kind of too busy. I shoot a lot of the same image looking for what my eyes and emotions see. I have a simple little digital camera (Canon S50) but would like a better one (although it's cool).

3. Hmmmm. I haven't spent enough time looking at the depth of Flickr. I like being part of a community somehow.

4. I like the other photos in the NYC Expo, but I also liked the idea that the photos will be on display in a community center on a computer. It's amazing that people in New York will be seeing my photo.

Monday, October 03, 2005


ssshhht!!!, originally uploaded by lunaryuna.

Lunaryuna says:
Female, 47 years old,
historian, translator/interpreter, network administrator and web designer
Working for a Latin American embassy in Berlin,Germany
Widowed, 3 kids (11 – 14 – 16)
Fully trilingual (English, German, Spanish), good command of several other languages
Love all things creative: poetry, painting, ceramics, photography, theater
Special interests: science fiction, history, philosophy, human psyche.

2. I love photography for the special challenge it presents to make a “merciless machine” (camera) show things in the way my eyes and mind see them. I love digital photography for the new possibilities it offers to almost everyone who cares to learn. I especially enjoy imprinting the visions of my mind, my concerns and my rejoicing onto my images by post-production processes. But sometimes it is just wonderful to capture something real I love or reject especially and want to share with other people.

I am not sure how to denominate my style. I guess I love deeply perspective, richly layered shots, and the chasing of light in this has truly become my obsession. Due to my location and preferences, the vast majority of my photographs shows urban spots. One of my Flickr groups reflects my main angle and focus with its name “Praise and curse of the city.” To show both in equally convincing manner is one of my main targets.

The camera I use mainly is my old, faithful SONY CYBERSHOT PRO DSC-D770.

3. I think all art has two purposes. The first is to exteriorize something that’s cooking up inside the artist’s mind and soul. That’s often the first and strongest impulse to create art. But art would not fulfill any social, cultural role and purpose, if it wasn’t shared with others. It is the comments, the suggestions, questions, the overall feedback, which makes me wish to work more and more. Flickr has provided a strongest stimulus to me in my daily life, given that photography has always been only a hobby. Since I joined Flickr there hasn’t been a single day when I did not feel the urge to go out and get some new shots, or to create some graphic art for my blog the next day, always full of expectation of the anticipated feedback by other users.

4. I was invited to be a part of the NYC Exposition and loved the idea instantly for several good reasons. I live and work in Berlin and very often have I felt compelled to compare New York’s reality and that of its citizens to that of Berlin and Berliners. There are lots of parallels and there are very interesting differences, which we have been discussing in my "Praise and Curse of the City" group for instance.

I love the idea of going out and reaching new people with my vision and photographs or graphics, as probably all artists do. Taking part in this exhibition, which focuses on new media, as I like, seems a stupendous occasion to be part of a group that tries to showcase the new (and old) ways of photography in our times.

5. I’d love to say thanks to all those of you who’ve been organizing this NYC Expo event and offering my help and support in whatever is at my reach.



Sunday, October 02, 2005


Pain, originally uploaded by Mattijn.

Mattijn says:
1. My name is Mattijn; I'm an illustrator/painter. I work mainly freelance, making illustrations for magazines. But what I love doing most is painting: oil painting that is.
2. Photography is just a fun way to capture/alter reality.
I'm not sure I have a style. I just look for compositions that are already there.
I don't have any technical skills. I learned it all myself. I use an Olympus Camedia C-2100, so I guess it's time I start looking for something a little more up-to-date.
3. Flickr lives! Some other photosites just don't. Here new people find my work easily and not just the latest upload.
It's also a great place to meet other artists and get valuable comments and criticism.
4. I was invited and I like the idea of my work being exposed in a group of talented people from all over the world
5. I like playing guitar and writing songs. I have a cat named Pino.

I hope this will do.
Greetings Mattijn

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