Saturday, October 22, 2005


An exhibition of Photoblogs: NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun and East Harlem

Featured panelists:
Raquez, NYC Exposition, East Harlem
Minusbaby, NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun and East Harlem
*Your Guide, NYC Exposition, East Harlem
DeLares, NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun and East Harlem
Hellophotokitty, NYC Exposition
Clarisel, NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun and East Harlem

Talk: 3 p.m. today
MediaNoche, 161 E. 106th St., NYC

lost in the West Village

lost in the West Village, originally uploaded by raquez.

El Farol

El Farol, originally uploaded by clarisel.

Possiblidad de ganado

Possiblidad de ganado, originally uploaded by DeLares.

Soul Searching

Soul Searching, originally uploaded by *Your Guide.

Subtitles in English

Subtitles in English, originally uploaded by hellophotokitty.

, originally uploaded by minusbaby.

Friday, October 21, 2005

, originally uploaded by minusbaby.


The artists' talk for the BLOGS exhibit is tomorrow at 3 p.m. at MediaNoche in Spanish Harlem.

Speakers include *Your Guide, DeLares, Hellophotokitty, Raquez, Minusbaby and yours truly.


Loneliness, originally uploaded by walan.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

, originally uploaded by mrs.chesterwhite.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Que honor tenerlos como amigos

Que honor tenerlos como amigos, originally uploaded by chomp.

"What An Honor To Have Them As Friends"

Diego posted this copy of a newspaper article from his country Chile as a "small recognition of two of his greatest friends Hugo Provoste and Cristabell Palma."

Diego known as "chomp" on Flickr says his recognition is not superficial. It is a recognition of friendship and happiness of getting to know these two bloggers thanks to a common love for photography. It is a recognition of pride.

In Spanish from Diego's photostream on Flickr:
Un pequeño reconocimiento para mis dos grandes amigos
Hugo Provoste y
Cristabell Palma

Cuando digo, que es un honor tenerlos como amigos, no me refiero a la superficialidad de que estén exponiendo en NY sus fotografías, sino más bien a la alegría que me da haberlos conocidos a los dos. Personas encantadoras, simpáticas, entregadas, y sin que uno les entregue nada, me enseñan cada día a valorar amistades extrañas, que he conocido gracias a la fotografía.
La verdad, pueden decir que escribo bien, pero cuando intento decirle a alguien que de verdad lo quiero, siento que escribo peor que cabro chico.
Quizás esto sea solo un juego, un juego de ilusiones, propias de nuestras tierras, pero estoy orgulloso y me pongo muy feliz por ustedes, por haber llegado a exponer en NY sin siquiera proponérselo, solo por su talento.

Quiero darles las gracias por estar cuando los he necesitado, y por la linda amistad que me han entregado en tan poco tiempo.

Los quiero :D

Aaaa por cierto
Siempre dije que no subiría nada que no fuese mío, pero saben que, estos son mis amigos así que los subo igual :P
Este es u recorte del diario el Mercurio, EL “diario” más importante de mi país, y es el reportaje de estos dos cabros.

Si quieren ver su maravilloso trabajo, estos son sus flikrs :P

Saludos a todos.


In a Prayer...

In a Prayer..., originally uploaded by !efatima.

!efatima says:

1. My name is Fatima and I am made in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm an engineer and work as a manager for a reputed government organization. I can be classified as a workaholic big time and enjoy my work to bits. I'm married to a sexy, handsome, smart engineer and we live in California, USA. I currently also live here with my folks. My greatest treasure personally is my family and they keep me routed and give me a purpose. I have been very fortunate when it comes to friends both in my social life and on Flickr. They are my strength. I feel very lucky to be worthy of their friendship and love. I adore them equally and am mostly inspired by their kind hearts, creativity and their pure soul.

What makes me? - The reality of life....and my belief in my Creator. Its HIS oneness that has always helped me stay strong and battle any and every hardship that I have faced. I'm known for my practicality and for being down to earth. Currently, I am facing some tough challenges in life...but again, I dont take anything for granted. I look for the best in everything as there are soooo many blessings around us to count and be grateful for.

I respect people - in everyway possible. I'm fascinated by:
- Colors
- Creativity
- Art
- Adventure
- Technology
- Spirituality
- Egg heads

I love:
- Photography
- Reading
- Writing
- Learning
- Meeting new people
- Drawing (but totally suck at it)
- Fast cars, Fighter jets, sky diving ...
- way too many things to list. :)

2. Photography to me was an accident. Initially when I started experimenting to see if the camera worked - I knew the instant bonding. It was like love at first sight. Till today, I feel I suck at it...and have a long way to go. Maybe because I don't make any effort - and all what you see is just point and shoot. Thanks to all my Flickr friends, I want to take this hobby to great levels one day.

My photo style would be more of: I don't know...I think it's macros for now because I'm mostly stranded indoors. I love doing macros. I so easily see the beauty in most mundane subjects. The only camera I have is
Canon Rebel 300D and I love it.

4. I love the concept of the NYC Exposition and moreover, the efforts the administrators are making to promote art through photography. I am there to contribute and help in any way I can. The admins are doing a great job and I wish them all the very best.

If it wasn't for Flickr, I would have never pursued photography nor would have made as many friends as I have today. I love the creators of Flickr and the team that makes it better and better.

Warm wishes,

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Featured story in Spanish from Chile:
Foto chilena es símbolo de exposición de Fotologs

Article talks about the NYC Exposition and how a photo from Hugo Provoste of Chile
has become an icon for the exhibit. It also mentions Cristabell who is also from Chile. Congratulations!



DSC_4085, originally uploaded by LarimdaME.

:: from Brazil to NYC Exposition #8::

Monday, October 17, 2005

Almost too Late

Almost too Late, originally uploaded by |5ubxt@nc3|.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

La Marqueta del Barrio

La Marqueta del Barrio, originally uploaded by DeLares.

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